Mandated Reporting

Policy and Procedures for State Mandated Reporting for Suspected Child Abuse

What is Child Abuse?
Child Abuse, according to PA Child Protective Services Law, means to intentionally, knowingly or recklessly cause bodily harm, injury or exploitation to a child through any recent (within 2 years) act or failure to act.

Who is a Mandated Reporter?
Adult iRun4Life volunteers are considered mandated reporters, and are required to report suspected child abuse if they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child is a victim of child abuse during the iRun4Life after school running program.

When must Mandated Reporters submit a report or make a phone call?
PA Mandated Reporters are required to make a report of suspected child abuse as soon as they suspect there is child abuse by either calling 1-800-932-0313 or by submitting a report at ChildLine at

New Jersey Mandated Reporters are required to call the NJ Child Abuse Hotline at 1-877-652-2873. No written report is required.

In PA, what else needs to be done after making a report to Childline?
If an oral report was made to PA ChildLine, a form (CY47) needs to be filled out within 48 hours – go to If a report was made electronically, then nothing else is required.

Does anyone within iRun4Life need to be notified after a report or call is made?
YES – after a report or phone call is made, please notify Judy Wexler at 267-261-4000 or email her at

Does a Mandated Reporter have to give their name and will the name be released?
State law requires that the mandated reporter identify themselves but the name is kept confidential.

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