Frequently Asked Questions

Can any elementary school, public or private, join iRun4Life and start an after school running program?

Yes, any elementary school can start an iRun4Life after school noncompetitive running program, and there are no limits to the number of girls and boys who can run. All you need is principal approval for a safe place for the kids to run on school grounds, and adult volunteers to help organize the turn key running program.

How do I volunteer for the my school’s iRun4Life after school running program?

There is a parent or teacher volunteer who becomes the iRun4Life School Director, and that person organizes all the volunteers who will help run the program. All adults must submit background clearances before they can volunteer.

Is the after school running program run in the spring or fall?

All schools run the after school program in the spring, and some schools run in both the spring and fall. It is up to the school’s principal and iRun4Life School Director to decide what is best for their elementary school children.

How do children track their miles run and good deeds?

All children have access to the iRun4Life portal where they can log their miles run and good deeds all year long. The portal is always open and accessible. If parents or family members run with their elementary school runners, then they can log double miles in the portal. Please make sure to watch the fun kid friendly videos too!

Does my child have to participate in the iRun4Life after school running program to run in the Kids Only 3K Race?

No! the iRun4Life Kids Only 3K is open to all children – K-6th grades-regardless of where you live or go to school. The Kids Only 3K registration fee is also completely separate from the after school running programs.

I am a parent in the community and would love to get involved with iRun4Life, or be a sponsor for the 3K. Who do I contact?

We’d love to speak with you! Please contact Judy Wexler at